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We will bring your business websites to the first page on search engine results. Identifying and targeting the customers are the basic strategy of any business.

Which business segments get most benefits from

Digital Marketing Course Pune

Certain business segments, e.g., Restaurants, healthcare centers, retail outlets, travel agencies, real estate sector and education sectors find resounding response through digital marketing. For instance, a restaurant chain operating in a big metro city can advertise to attract their target audience. Here internet provides them large scope to identify their customers by defining their demography, areas of interests, cultural traits and so on.

The growth of digital media is phenomenal. The Number of netizens in India has shot up from approx. 60 million in 2009 to 190 million in 2014 and in a span of another four years, it will rise phenomenally high to an estimated figure of 550 million. The study also reveals that around 40 million Indians are online everyday, spending about 40-45 hours a month on the Internet.

 Our GOOGLE and BING Certifications

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Digital Marketing Training

Course Content

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Master the Art

At Digital Academy we understand your career goal and will give you a solution to meet it. which will transform you into a complete digital marketing professional.

Advance SEO Course

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a Techniques adopted by companies enables the website or Blog to be listed on the top of Search results for the particular keyword

SEM-PPC Course with

Google Adwords Certification

Search Engine Marketing is method which is used by the IT companies to promote their brand or product by paid advertising on search engines and their websites.

Social Media Marketing

SMM Certification

Social Media Marketing course we offer in depth training on social media which covers topics like facebook Marketing, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, pinterest, gplus

App Store Optimization

Optimise your app on Playstore

App Store Optimization Course in this module we will train you on various mobile marketing practices like how to run ads on mobile apps , how to reach to customers

ORM Management

Build Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management in this module we cover topics on various online reputation management and techniques used by IT Companies to build Online Reputation

Google Web Analytics

Google Certification Course

Google Analytics Training in this module we cover various aspects of how to measure or track the visitors coming from various channels , devices, we can

Email Marketing

EM Certification Course

E- Mail Marketing Course we offer training on how email marketing works how to send bulk mails , what are the tools involved in email marketing

Web Devlopment Basic

Basic WordPress

WordPress is a open source platform it includes too many features like content management It’s features makes the first choice for many developers

Digital Marketing Course in Pune

It has been close to five years, the Digital Academy Pune has cast a great influence on the Indian populace. It has reached millions of people. Young generation, particularly in urban areas, is found hooked up to internet marketing portals. The business community has rightly understood the effectiveness and utility of digital media and promoted their business and brands through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Digital media is proving to be a game changer, as it has incredible capacity to reach out to millions of people on a daily basis

For any business house, small or big, it is worthwhile to espouse to this new age technology and stay competitive in the market. Digital marketing is all about impetuosity. At times it appears ephemeral and transient. So one has to be very alert, sensitive and well versed with the fast changing market trends.   However, most people think that internet marketing means relying on the Google search. But a surfer can accomplish his goal through more means than just Google. Digital marketers should therefore put more thrust on direct forms of interacting with their target market.

From this point of view, scientific and meticulous study is required, because if this resource is channelized and used to optimum best, it can yield stupendous results. On this backdrop, online marketing training courses are gaining importance. Pune is obviously very receptive and sensitive to any change. The city, therefore, has geared up to offer Internet Marketing training the new generation. Although there are quite a few institutes available, the Internet Marketing Training Institute stands out for offering good quality online marketing training in Pune. This is one of the best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Pune offering Pcmc classes and courses to keep them in the hunt.

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