5 common mistakes and efficient 5 tips for SEO Professionals

There are many brands that fail in their content marketing strategies and marketing campaigns on social networks, not giving attention to details, that are the most common mistakes in building brands and, quite contrary to what popular belief, a bad SEO who marks a starting point with edges too vulnerable.

That is why a very interesting video published by Maile Ohye on Google Webmaster Central Blog which collected 5 mistakes common SEO strategies and highly efficient 5 tips

No value is not efficient SEO. If not provide added value, will be very difficult to beat the competition and thus achieve a good position. It is essential that the brand you are looking to optimize their Web site for SEO has very clear both their goals, as the needs of your target audience. It is a mistake too often jump to the consolidation of an online business if you have made ​​a preliminary business plan!

Beware of the segmentation, the Achilles heel for many brands. When you set your goals you can not forget that SEO does not work alone. It is essential that they are consistent with the overall message of the brand as well as actions that are based on marketing strategies. There is nothing more harmful to a good position that the lack of consistency between the message and actions.

Avoid any action that would change basic things. If you believe that the improvement in the processes URLs passed to redirect or change the name of the brand, you better do it early, before launching a marketing strategy in the blog, as in the networks.

Also be aware of trends. A brand must pursue particular objectives and, regardless of common stock exist in the search for better positioning, you should steer clear of “fashion” and focus on segmenting and SEO strategies which answer to the needs expressed by your fans.

Simplify, is key to engage the consumer (and robots). Find that the staging of the decisions taken or planned processes to optimize your corporate portal is done as swiftly as possible. Complex processes and distended in time generate errors that affect the “first impression” of the customer in contact with the customer.

You recall that as it may seem obvious, the most frequent errors committed in the most basic details. Make sure your links are not broken and that your content is high impact, optimize your web design, ideally, adapting to the mobile Web (each stronger time steps) and performs actions in all your SEO content. Link to your social profiles and includes image and video as essential variables to impact your customers.

Ask yourself: What is my brand added value, compared to the competition?

Be sure to : include keywords that best define the message you want to convey your brand. Be sure to be consistent between the terms that are looking to establish your brand and deliver your content answers. It is a common cause of abandonment by customers, find content that has nothing to do with the criteria by which positioned.

Do not forget : the Web architecture. Smart, simple and consistent. The 3 pillars to optimize tags, descriptions and categories of our Web site. Dare to innovate if this your brand message takes on greater weight.

Remember that : Using resources gives us the Google Webmaster Center allows us to be attentive to any errors that may occur. You use it, a good SEO attracts investors and clients, forming a spiral of growth, albeit slow and subject to the ability of brands to impact emotions undoubtedly influenced consolidated own!

And last but not least, line up. Maintain the current content and always dynamic, it is essential to build a social enterprise. Know the trends, the most important aspects of your market or industry and monitor how permanent that makes our competitors and what is said of our brand network, are allies without whom any SEO strategy will be efficient. seek positioning, conversion amount influences and growth!