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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Make a successful career in SEO to get maximum opportunities in online marketing world.

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 SEO Training in Pune


Upcoming Batches for Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad


Batch From
Reg Status
Weekend (Sat to Sun) Half-day Batch

SEO Training in Pune (Batch: S-063)

Weekend (3:00 PM to 8:00 PM) | Duration: 15 Days

15-Aug-2016 Reg Open
Morning Batch / Weekdays (Mon to Fri)

SEO Training in Pimpri Chinchwad (Batch: S-039)

Daily (Mon-Fri) 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM | Duration: 30 Days

29-Aug-2016 Reg Open
Weekend (Sat to Sun) Half-day Batch

SEO Training Institute in Pune (Batch: S-124)

Weekend (3:00 PM to 9:00 PM) | Duration: 30 Days

5-Sep-2016 Reg Open




Seo Training Institute in Pune

SEO is also called Search Engine Optimization, is the method of improving the ranking of a website or web pages in search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc..) organic search engine results. SEO technique helps engines like google to find your site as a result of the visitors search keyword..

At Digital Academy Pune (DAP), we are proud of our skill to share the 6+ years of SEO experience we’ve developed. Our specialized SEO training in Pune we will show you all about the key facts of SEO to provide you with an excellent foundation to undertake effective Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Since you already know that online users in India keeps growing as well as a good number of online users use Google or some other search engine to get information and facts they are really searching for. Today, people who run businesses understand the advantages of Search engine marketing / sea and so they want their websites to come on the first page of Google or some other search engine. That’s the reason many small to big companies are investing in SEO service. Because of this high demand of Search engine optimization services, there are lots of digital marketing companies in India hiring SEO Professionals. SEO Placement and SEO hiring are increasing day by day in India. If you are searching for a great career in SEO and Online Marketing, it’s a good chance to learn SEO and have a positioning of good Search engine optimization company.


Seo course syllabus

  • 1. Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
    6 B. Backlink Building
    • Exactly what is search engine optimization ?
    • Looking at the two types of links
    • Analyzing google search results page
    • Developing internal links
    • How SEO affects your small business
    • Developing external links
    • Setting SEO expectations
    • Getting low-hanging fruit
    • Promoting a “think links” mentality
    2. Keywords: The Basis of SEO
    • Working with “local” directory links
    • Reciprocal linking: Is it worth the trouble?
    • Why should have keywords research plan
    • Building press releases
    • How to analyze keywords
    • Working with article syndication
    • Tools that will help you analyze keyword
    • Working with bloggers
    • Knowing what is keyword attributes
    • Making link bait
    • Studying keyword distribution
    • Analyzing social network links
    • Ongoing keyword analysis
    • Gaining more links
    • Working with backlinking software
    3. Content Optimization: How Search Engines and Humans View Websites
    • The new link method from Google
    • Online PDF Subbmition
    • Knowing content optimization
    • Getting links with Video submission
    • Improving for site structure
    • Infographic Creation and Subbmition
    • Knowing different kinds of content
    • Social bookmarking
    • Optimizing textual page factors
    • Getting links with Directory submission
    • Optimizing non-text elements
    • PPT Creation and Subbmition
    • Analyzing articles quality
    • Web 2.0 Subbmition
    • Advantages of user-generated content
    6 C. The Link Game
    4. Articles Optimization: Technical SEO
    • Buying links: Benefits and drawbacks
    • Interpreting the code behind websites
    • When is getting links buying links?
    • how search engines index content material
    • Looking for link services
    • Working with canonical URLs and redirects
    • Understanding linking terms
    • Utilizing microformats
    • Looking for link-building chances
    • Working with server-side factors
    • Questions to ask
    • Using Google Search Console   Tools
    • Undertaking a link-building technique
    • Using Bing Webmaster Tools
    7. Calculating SEO Success
    5. Long-Term Content Preparation
    • Testing SEO performance
    • Introduction of long-term content strategy
    • Analyzing keywords
    • Planning an effective content strategy
    • Analyzing links
    • Understanding your target audience,
    • Analyzing the effect of social marketing
    • Understanding various types of content
    • hoosing ideas for content
    8. SEO for Ecommerce
    • Promoting your posts on social marketing
    • Content Promotion Advance techniques
    • Knowing SEO and e-commerce
    • Calculating content performance
    • Working with semantic HTML
    • The technical elements of ecommerce
    6 A. Link-building Fundamentals
    • Studying ecommerce information architecture
    • Creating ecommerce content
    • Understanding the value of links
    • building links and social networking for ecommerce
    • Search engine wiped out the web directory
    • Adjusting ecommerce sites for international viewers
    • How link analysis has changed web search
    • Checking the structure of a link
    9. Local Internet Search
    • Being aware of what links do suit your needs
    • Presenting Google PageRank
    • Understanding local search
    • Looking at PageRank in practice
    • Understanding Google+ Local
    • Exploring keywords and Google weapons
    • Arranging up and improving Google+ Local
    • The most suitable link
    • Finding more citations
    • Working with problem links
    • Gaining more reviews for the business
    • Studying links
    • Improving your site for local business
    • The future of local internet search

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SEO Courses in Pune


Search engines like google beat all other media in generating customers to websites, more than 85% of Online users use the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as others to get the related websites. Furthermore, 90% of those users will get out of their query if the first three pages of Search result don’t generate the effect for their search. Therefore, it is important you need to do something to improve visibility of site high in the various search engine rankings to Visible your business by the prospective Visitors which means the need for SEO – search engine optimization.

DAP’s Search Engine Optimization SEO Training Insitute in Pune offers an extremely in depth and real-time, practical understanding of the best way to improve the position and ranking of your respective or maybe your company’s website with the most important search engines and web directories all over the world.

SEO is more popular as an essential section of any digital marketer’s collection, yet still it continues to be hard-to-find and confusing by a lot of online marketers who still follow SEO strategies from the old age. Digital Academy Pune’s certified SEO training program related to SEO helping marketers, web designers or web developers develop effective SEO strategies which will complement other internet marketing process.

Our SEO Training Institute in Pune and in Pimpri Chinchwad is completely loaded with useful strategies and techniques, with real time case studies, suggested tools on the latest research on best methods in SEO Market. This SEO course goals to encourage one to either run your individual SEO campaigns so you can better handle your organization’s.

Why to Choose SEO Institute Pune?

We’re the only Certified SEO Institute in Pune. This can be the most common query which comes in any body’s mind – Why to choose Our Training Programs. Our answer is – You’re in the best hands SEO training course in Pune, where you are getting training on live projects that produce genuine success, and where at each and every step you can keep track of your task and activities. You will find yourself in the hands of knowledgeable online marketing experts, whose experience with 5 to 6 years in this industry. Since your training stats, you’ll be learning step-by-step and applying all your learning’s. On live projects.

Course Fee 5500/- Only
Weekend Batches and Week Days batches
Training Location: Pune
Have a Question? Call:+918624884422

What should you Expect from our Training Program?

  • 100% Placement support
  • Official certifications valid globally & long term
  • Scholarship reward to students who refer their friends
  • Live Project Exposure, with live website of our client.
  • We deliver the training as per 100% Real time Standards.

For Freshers Career Growth.


SEO, is big part of Digital Marketing. It is very important for Small, Medium and Large companies now a day they are also creating their presence on Digital Media. A growing number of new E-commerce and Mobile commerce organizations are getting involved, as their important aim is to revolve around Digital Marketing. SEO has very excellent long term future for fresher’s. Online Marketing isn’t technical, it’s a mixture of the Science Art Strategy.

“Website Visitors is really what drives the complete website, Not a Single website can live without having traffic / Visitors” and having the correct training in SEO optimization, you as a Search engine optimization expert is able to bring visitors to your customers’ websites. As far as career opportunities, there are lots of Search engine optimization opportunities available in the market, but there are not enough perfect people who have proper SEO knowledge. Can be, we made the point. In case you have questions, remember to call us for free guidance.



SEO Education for Company Owners!


Are you a small business or company proprietor? When you are on this page, we guessed you have previously visited google.com and searched by keyword connected with your company and instead of finding your current website indexed by the google results, you might be seeing your competing internet websites. This is a very depressing feel. The real reason for these search positions is, all of your competitors have made use of some standard of SEO with their websites.

If you’re a person who owns a business or a company and would like to need to make your Online business presence, personally or using a small team, this SEO Training program can help you. You don’t need any technical background to make profit with this training program. for more info on training course, you can call us or send the call-back form in Contact us Page.


How can SEO Training help developers?


If you’re a developer or programmer who develop websites or very specially build e-commerce websites or portals, content management systems (CMS) systems, then this SEO Training is perfect for you. You must learn SEO mainly because: SEO makes you a better programmer. Being a developer, you will be creating sites to your customers or even the company you work for… The best purpose of any website has been always catching the attention of visitors as well as the best source to get visitors on the internet is search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. It is possible to improve the websites you build by building faster web sites, convenience (by developing sure 100% visibility of appropriate site content towards the customers and search engines), smart SEO friendly structures, Security (by not letting search engines like Google get the items they shouldn’t), Applying Schema.org Micro-data formats, etc. on the theme throughout the website development stage.

With an average 85% to 90% of the traffic derives from search engines like google. Therefore, if correct SEO methods aren’t applied during the development period, therefore it may screw up the whole business of your respective client. And I’m guaranteed whenever customers understand SEO someday; it might be painful to the programmers to repair the system. Web developers can instead study the SEO principles, put them into action from start to make everyone (client and search engines) happy… Digital Academy, Pune offers SEO Training in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, If you’re a group of developers, we can modify the SEO Training for web developers.

Career in Digital Marketing Pune

Our aim to put you head and shoulders in front of other Online Marketing experts in India.

Unlike other programs in Pune, where almost all of the training are theory targeted, we developed this program to ensure that after the program, it is going to allow you to:

  • Improve advanced techniques from the practices that associate to digital and Online marketing, such as fundamental research and analysis
  • Boost your ability to test and calculate several marketing and advertising programes analyzing ROI to your business.
  • Program and control digital marketing techniques for your company and focus on targeted visitors, using full account of budgeting as well as other difficulties
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